How To Use the Freaklight System

1. Register yourself at :  Open a new account, or log in with your existing Facebook / Google / Yahoo ID.

 Freaklight Login Image


 2.  In the 'All Programs' Tab you will find all of the featured lights patterns.  Use the online simulator to preview them.  To select the programs that you like, click on the pattern and select 'Add To Favorites'.


Freaklight Tab 1 Image


  3.  In the 'My Programs' Tab you will find a list containing all of the patterns you have chosen.  Select from your favorites by clicking on the pattern and selecting 'Add To Downloads'.  The Patterns will play on the device in the order listed here.  The patterns can be repeated more than once in the same playlist. Drag and drop patterns within the list to change their order.


Freaklight Tab 2 Image


 4. The 'Download' Tab contains the settings you can choose for the device. The 'Operation Mode' allows you to select the way your device cycles through the patterns you have chosen. 'Single Click' loads a new pattern each time the device is activated, while 'Double Click' sets the device to change the pattern only when the device is activated twice in quick succession.  How quick is determined by the 'Double Click Interval' setting. The 'Battery Saving Timeout' setting allows you to choose how long the lights remain on after the device is no longer activated.


 Freaklight Tab 3 Image


 5. If this is your first time using the system, download and install the 'FreaklightCommunicator' software located in the link. Also make sure that the Portfolio Download folder in the software is the same as the default download folder in your browser.


  6. Finally - Run the software and click on the download button on the website.The light pattern programs will download to your device. Wait until the process is complete, unplug the device, and ... Play!


 Freaklight Tab 3 Download Image

















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